The Lee family, circa 1989.

FAQs About the Fund

How does this fund work?

The Edwin M. Lee Community Fund is a donor-advised fund managed by The San Francisco Foundation. We don’t have staff, offices or expense accounts. The fund’s money can only be given directly to verified non-profit organizations that have been vetted by The San Francisco Foundation. (The foundation assesses a small fee to manage the fund.)  Our family does not receive any of this money or profit in any way.

The San Francisco Foundation invests the fund’s money and generates a modest investment on that return each year, which goes back into the fund. Our goal is to raise enough money for the fund so that we can support organizations and projects each year that align with Ed’s values while also keeping the fund self-sustaining.

Our family — Ed’s wife Anita, and his two daughters Tania and Brianna — are the only three people who have decision-making power over this fund.

What kind of causes will you be donating to?

We are carefully looking at the causes and organizations that fall in line with Ed’s values or which he supported over the years, and we are in the process of deciding which ones this fund can support in 2019 and beyond.

The fund will support organizations that seek to:

  • Protect immigrants and increase pathways to citizenship
  • Reduce homelessness with a focus on increasing affordable housing
  • Protect the environment and reduce the harmful effects of climate change
  • Support equal pay and leadership opportunities for women
  • Improve access to quality education for all students
  • Advance causes for social justice and human rights

How will I know where my donation is going?

You can sign up for our newsletter here or below to get periodic updates about where our fund is at and what your generous donations are supporting. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible about our decisions and why we think it supports Ed’s vision.

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How can I tell others about this fund?

We are so thankful for your help in spreading the word! You can send an email with a link to, or share this page on Facebook or Twitter.